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About City Mouse?

The CityMouse, fitted with a Kubota water cooled 72-75Kw diesel engine, performs effective sweeping with low noise, excellent dust suppression, high endurance and all with ease of maintenance.
Fitted with a 2+ m3 hopper constructed of aluminum with two separate stainless steel water tanks totaling 360lts in capacity providing clean water for use on brooms and recirculated water for use in suction nozzle all contributing to excellent dust suppression. There are also four stainless steel mesh filters fitted, two in top of hopper, two located in front of fan impellor enabling the CityMouse to meet PM10 and PM2.5 requirements.


• 2900 mm Sweeping width
• Nominal 2+ cubic meter hopper
• Hydrostatic drive
• Separate working and transport mode
• 75 kW Kubota diesel engine
• Sound proofing and vibration damping
• Ergonomic cabin, sweeping unit operated via door and control panel
• Hydraulic chassis suspension, maximum driving comfort
• All wheel steering for excellent manoeuvrability
• Extremely small turning circle
• Steering angle sensors monitoring all wheel steering
• 2 wheel or 4-wheel steering
• Hydraulic brake system
• Kubota engine 75Kw
• 60L oil tank
• 80L fuel tank
• Two stainless-steel water tanks totalling 360lt water, recirculation of used water
• Effective corrosion protection to ensure long term use in any weather, entire frame, the suction nozzle and other important steel components are painted and protected by special covering solutions.
Dust Suppression and Recirculation System
• Stainless steel water jets on gutter brooms for dust suppression
• Two radiators for engine cooling and hydraulic system cooling
• Waste humidified at correct points throughout suction nozzle
• 2 brush system with kick back mechanism
• Independently hydraulically controlled disc brooms
• Speed and ground pressure adjusted in cab
• PM 2.5 and PM 10 certified
• Four stainless steel mesh filters

Please find this PDF brochure below for more information:

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