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A Little Gem has been Sold!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Congratulations to North Coast Road Sweepers on their purchase of a multi-functional Holder X45 with sweeper and mower attachment. So, North Coast Road Sweepers can be sweeping in the morning and mowing in the afternoon with a quick and easy 10-minute change over!

The Holder X45 is a very diverse machine which should fulfil all the requested needs of North Coast Road Sweepers from footpath cleaning, carpark cleaning, mowing and with the high-pressure hand lance will enable the easy cleaning of benches, BBQ areas etc.

Max holder, a 150-year-old German company has designed the X45 to enable three applications in one X3 1m 3 container, sweeping, mowing and irrigation.

The X45 can sweep from 1.1m to 2.05m with a height of less than 2m high and a width of 1.1m it is suitable for narrow and low areas. It is four-wheel drive with a diesel Kubota 42HP engine so plenty of power to weight ratio, has articulated steering, broom in out movement individual or together less than 10 minutes to changer from sweeper to mower.

Multi-functional at its best with driver comfort in mind!

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