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CityRay 5 on Isuzu FSR dual control arrives at Longreach Regional Council

Well, you won’t miss this machine coming down the streets of Longreach with an impressive bullbar and spotlights fitted to the front, stoneguard above the windscreen, windshields both sides, window tinting and mural both sides. It is a stand out!

Longreach took delivery of their brand new CityRay sweeper in November, on the same day that Qantas was celebrating their 100 year anniversary, and it has been put straight to work doing what it does best, cleaning and sucking! Making use of the extra dust suppression, larger radiator to cater for high ambient temperatures, RH and LH gutter broom tilt and rear pit sucker, it is a winner!

Fitted with high pressure spray bar, reverse squawker, 3 way camera system, RH blind spot camera, UHF radio, external hand washing facility, toolbox internal and externally, auto-lubrication system for chassis and sweeper, rear mounted pit sucker, rear directional arrows and light bar and broom and shovel holders. The driver (Ray) couldn’t wait to get the keys!

Ray (Sweeper Driver)

"I like the truck very much, it is very easy to operate. I find it more comfortable to drive, the blind spots are gone because of the camera system. You have just made it a joy!"

Qantas celebrates 100 years in Longreach and the CityRay was in on the action!!!

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