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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Glen Innes Severn Council took delivery of their brand new CityRay 5 fitted on an Isuzu FSR dual control 14 tonne cab chassis in November 2019.

The sweeper was delivered with all the standard features such as:

  • Safety feature, if cab door is opened and park brake is not engaged the horn will sound to alert the driver

  • If cab door open/body raised brooms will not operate, extra safety feature of this unit

  • 3 way camera system for safety, LH, RH and rear

  • High pressure system 100 bar 1500psi includes spray bar and hand lance on 10m hose.

  • LH hydraulic gutter broom tilt

High pressure hand lance on 10m hose, easy washing out of hopper

The requests of the Council were catered for, including electronic rust proofing, RH gutter boom tilt, screen vibrator with internal and external control and placement of toolbox.

As the CityRay is packed with many standard features included in the overall cost, many of the council requests were already met.

Great machine at a great price!

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