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Australian owned and operated company, BMI Group based in Brisbane bought local!

Thank you BMI Group!

CityRay 5 on an Isuzu FVD supplied to BMI Group

So how does an Isuzu FVD chassis become a CityRay sweeper? Well let’s tell you some of the stages to change a chassis into a CityRay sweeper for BMI Group.

Firstly, BMI chose their chassis, an Isuzu FVD 165-300 15.5 tonne chassis, great choice, then their CityRay hopper, a CityRay 5.


The extras they required were discussed, which weren’t many as the CityRay has so many features as standard. A 360-camera system, auto greasing system for sweeper and chassis, UHF radio, venturi system and a screen vibrator were requested.

The build sheet and schedule were created, signed off and the build started. The creation of the CityRay began, an individual unit specifically built for BMI. Many photos of the build were taken and a constant update on the build time provided to BMI.

Along the way the operator of BMI’s current sweeper, Scott, visited many times to see his CityRay being built.

As you can see, he was very happy right from the start.

Chassis in modification phase ready to have the CityRay hopper mounted.

The next step was to mount the CityRay hopper onto the chassis following SWMS to ensure the safety of all involved using 4 spotters, a crane operator, and a dog man to oversee the overall operation.

Now it’s slowly starting to look like a sweeper!


Scott, with over 20 years in the municipal industry operating mainly sweepers but also other plant and equipment, had been driving a very old machine and was particularly excited to get a brand-new CityRay sweeper. With this knowledge he knew exactly what he needed with regards to the performance required to carry out his job efficiently and the CityRay met his expectations. We always encourage input and feedback from our customers.

Dust suppression is a big requirement in Scott’s everyday sweeping and for the sweeper to be able to clean the road surfaces effortlessly, whilst minimizing dust. All CityRay sweepers have excellent dust suppression with two independent high-pressure pumps, a front high pressure spray bar, low pressure spray bar between center broom and skirt plus 9 water jets each side, 4 in the suction box, 2 on the gutter broom and 3 on a spray bar in front of the gutter brooms. So, dust suppression is a definite strong point of the CityRay.


Below shows the stages of the gutter broom assembly being built with hydraulic tilt, to assist with different types of kerb and channel and flat surfaces.

The configuration of the cab was modified to enable the sweeper control panel to be fitted plus the camera monitors for the 3-way camera and blind spot camera, which are both standard, were also fitted. A 360-degree camera system was also fitted with its own monitor. Canvas seat covers fitted as standard on ISRI 6860 air suspended seats. Driver comfort is important!

Completed suction box Auto-greasing fitted as requested Fire extinguisher standard

Low level flashing lights were fitted to the front of the cab and to rear of sweeper plus directional arrows, which are all standard. All safety labels were fitted and a Plant Assessor report provided on delivery as standard.

Well, we were as excited as Scott with the finished product. BMI put their logo on and made it their own. What a beast!

Keep a look out for this machine driving around the Brisbane area.

We are proud to be a 100% Australian, Queensland owned and operated company who have assembled a sweeper for a local Australian owned and operated business. Keeping the support local, building a stronger economy and community!

Thank you, BMI Group, for choosing Mike Trace Engineering.

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A very informative newsletter demonstrating a local Queensland business, supporting Australian owned local businesses. A great way to keep up with changes in the industry and to encourage local businesses, which will assist in employing locals and helping the economy.

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