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Unique, Multi-functional CityRay Sweeper

Delivery of one CityRay road sweeper on an Isuzu FSR dual control to Balonne Shire Council with special specifications requested

This CityRay machine is definitely unique! Not only does it have all the fantastic standard features of the CityRay but many extra options were fitted.

Safety at St George is high on the priority list! This Council wanted more than the standard blind spot camera, 3-way camera system, 3 emergency stops, horn sounds if park brake not engaged, brooms will not work if tailgate open, door open or hopper raised, rear directional arrows and low-level flashing lights. On top of these we also fitted:

  • A 360-degree camera system with recording capabilities

  • Reverse Watch system

  • Speed Limiter for use when sweeping on left

  • Front bulbar

  • Front spot and flood lights

  • Diversco weigh system

  • Front LED bar to spot sweeping material

  • Window tinting

  • Full Groeneveld Auto greasing system to reduce running costs and maintenance time

What else makes it unique?

Balonne Shire Council in collaboration with their supervisors and staff requested that this machine was able to be used as a multi-functional machine. Therefore, on top of the standard high pressure hand lance and hose Balonne requested an oscillating lance to be able to break down holes for sign mounting. We modified the twin high-pressure pump system to enable the requested option to be fitted. Balonne also requested a way to extract the material from the hole therefore we designed a reduction cam lock to enable a 3-inch hole to be extracted. A weed spray unit was also requested, this was fitted at the rear of the machine to enable weed spraying to be carried out which can take place simultaneously whilst sweeping. One machine for multiple operations. This is a great initiative and will save the Council time and money.

Two very happy operators!

Congratulations Balonne Shire Council and thank you for trusting us with the build of your unique CityRay machine!

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