About Ceksan

A Sweeper Designed to meet Australian Specifications

In 2017 MTE became the sole importers of all Ceksan products including the large suction broom road sweeper with a range of hopper size and chassis choices including Isuzu and Volvo.

We import the sweeper as a kit and assemble on various chassis utilizing local suppliers as much as possible. In collaboration with Ceksan we have developed a machine to suit Australian specifications, taking into consideration the needs and requests of our customers.

What makes the CityRay a Standout!
  • Manufactured by one of the largest sweeper manufacturers, distributing to over 50 countries worldwide.

  • Designed in collaboration with Australian Sweeper Specialists to meet Australian conditions and needs. (Over 30 years experience)

  • Deutz 75Kw turbo charged engine, supported by Penske Australia

  • Robust design with stainless-steel hopper available from 4-10 cubic meters in size with a stainless steel water tank available from 900L to 2400L

  • Extra water jets on gutter brooms to assist with dust suppression with individual isolation switches

  • Low- and high-pressure spray bars

  • Rear mounted pit sucker, gas assisted (optional electric/pneumatic)

  • High performance whilst saving fuel

  • Low noise due to noise suppression kits and isolation materials surrounding engine area and fan

  • Low maintenance

  • Ergonomic and user friendly in cab controls

  • Fan connection is made though torque converter

  • Hand lance on 10m hose

  • 55-degree discharge angle

  • 300L fuel tank (one tank for sweeper and truck)

  • 7 LED work lights

  • LED flashing lights on 4 corners

  • LH and RH gutter broom tilt

  • Auto body prop and manual rear door prop

  • Auto drop screen filters for ease of cleaning

  • Audible reverse alarm

  • 3-way camera system

  • Safety walkway for aux engine access

  • DC pack to electrically operate hydraulics in emergency

  • Manual hydraulic pump to raise body if electrics and power unit fail

Let us provide you with a quote that meets your needs, we are very competitive.

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