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Demonstrator/Used Units


2020 - CityRay 6
Volvo FE 250

Demonstrator CityRay mounted on Volvo FE 15.5 tonne dual control chassis.

Build date: 03/20

Currently Truck klm <60000     

Currently Sweeper hrs  <4000hrs

Fitted with:

  • High-pressure water

  • Dual sweep

  • Dual suction

  • 3-way camera system plus blind spot camera fitted on RH mirror arm.

  • Electric-assisted rear-mounted suction hose

  • Rubber lined high impact areas

  • Broom and rake holders

  • Standpipe holder

  • Blind spot camera

Please contact Wayne for further information and price 0437 761397

2016 Schwarze GS6 Hino FE
14 Tonne Chassis

2016 Schwarze GS6 fitted on a Hino FE 14 tonne chassis. 
Ex-council less than 8300klms and less than 4600 sweeper hours on auxiliary John Deere engine.
Unit has several features including:

  • High-pressure water hand lance and hose with detergent

  • High-pressure front spray bar

  • Rear directional arrow board

  • Rear-mounted hydraulic pit sucker

  • Fire extinguisher in the cab

Price on enquiry, please contact:

Wayne 0437 761397




Enquire for Special Price

The MUVO SX2 multifunctional unit with sweeping attachment currently in stock, less than 17 work hours, has a wide range of additional options at a highly competitive price.


Additional options include:

  • High pressure hand lance and hose

  • Hand suction hose with gas-assisted suspension arm

  • Reverse camera

  • Reverse alarm

  • LED rear working spotlight

  • Heated external mirrors

  • Adjustable steering column

  • Air suspended seat

  • 60Klm/hr

Comes with tipping flatbed + hopper removal stand.

Price on enquiry, please contact Wayne 0437 761397