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Another CityRay!

This one has made its way up North to Central Highlands Regional Council Emerald.

The CityRay sweeper is being noticed from Glen Innes in NSW up to Yeppoon QLD and out west such as St George, Longreach and now Emerald. This sweeper is making its mark and the news is spreading fast on its efficiency, ease of operation, range of extras that are standard and value for money. Over the past two years the CityRay numbers have grown throughout Queensland and Northern NSW. During this time several improvements have been made, we listened to our customers feedback and acted. We believe some of the keys to success are continuous innovation, provision of great service and support, quality and reliability. We will continue to research and develop the CityRay to make each one even better than the previous.

We are always up for a challenge so when a customer asks if we can do something left field, we are willing to give it a go. This unit is fitted with a weed spraying unit on the LHS, the option of a portable pot holer with an oscillation hand lance was chosen and an Electronic Rust Proofing System (ERPS). Once the unit left our depot a stone guard and sun visor was fitted by Central Isuzu.

Once again, this CityRay was custom made to suit the needs and requests of Central Highland Regional Council. Training has been completed following our Certificate IV training program and the CityRay is out at work cleaning the streets of Emerald.

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