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The Versatility of the CityRay is Apparent

As we all know the CityRay sweeper is very versatile and can be mounted on a wide range of chassis. We have sold several of our sweepers on either an Isuzu FSR, an Isuzu FVD, or the Volvo FE chassis.

As requested, this CityRay for Mackay Regional Council was mounted on a Hino FG chassis and it looks just as amazing as our other builds!

The customised options requested by Mackay Regional Council demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of the CityRay sweeper to meet the Council’s specific needs. They included tinted windows, a screen vibrator, a UHF radio, a hydrant standpipe holder, shovel, broom and rake holders, taillight guards, daytime running lights, a greasing system, a weighing system, and a complimentary vinyl wrap.

The tinted windows provide privacy and protection for the operator, while the screen vibrator helps efficient cleaning of the screen and hopper. The UHF radio ensures effective communication between the operator and the Council.

The inclusion of shovel, broom, and rake holders ensures that the necessary tools are readily available for manual cleaning tasks. Taillight guards protect lights from damage and the daytime running lights enhance visibility during daytime operations.

The greasing system is a convenient feature that helps maintain the sweeper’s performance and longevity and saves maintenance time. The weighing system enables accurate monitoring of the measurement of collected debris.

Lastly, the complimentary vinyl wrap adds a professional and aesthetically pleasing touch to the sweeper representing Mackay Regional Council brand and promoting the area.

The CityRay sweeper’s capabilities will undoubtedly enable Mackay Regional Council to carry out its sweeping tasks efficiently and effectively.

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