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That’s a Wrap for the CityRay for 2022….but there will be more to come in 2023. Watch this space!

What an amazing year it has been, the CityRay has increased its presence throughout Queensland and NSW, we have delivered 1 more CityRay unit in NSW and 4 more units in Queensland.

Below are the final sweepers delivered in the past few months ending 2022!

Delivery of one CityRay road sweeper on an Isuzu FSR dual control to a family owned and operated business based in Sydney, SuperBoom.

This CityRay machine was needed urgently as SuperBoom had won a contract that was starting in a few weeks. SuperBoom asked if we could build and deliver their unit within 5-6 weeks, and we said yes, of course!

SuperBoom heard about Mike Trace Engineering by word of mouth, which was fantastic news to hear. After a few telephone conversations SuperBoom put their name on our next build of a CityRay unit, without even seeing one. They put their faith in us to build a unit to meet their needs.

A priority for SuperBoom was visibility. All CityRay units come with a 3-way camera system plus a blind spot camera on the right-hand mirror arm but to add more visibility another 3 cameras were fitted.

Once the build was finished the unit had to be transported to Sydney ready for the operator to be trained by one of our technicians and put out to work straight away.

Look out for the SuperBoom unit around the Sydney area, I don’t think you will miss it, the logos stand out very well!

Delivery CityRay 5 to Paroo Shire Council

This CityRay was purchased to replace a smaller machine that was only used to sweep the city centre. The CityRay will enable the Council to clean, service and maintain not just the town centre but also the outer areas too.

One CityRay delivered to Maranoa Regional Council-all round cleaning machine

A CityRay 5 fitted on an Isuzu FVD 15.5 tonne dual control chassis. This unit had a number of extra requests such a specific beacon light bars and guards on the roof, reverse smart reversing system for extra safety, alloy bulbar, guarded taillights, screen vibrator, electric assist on rear boom, venturi system and auto-greasing system.

This unit has been built for all cleaning jobs in the vast area of Maranoa from road, kerb and channel, park benches etc. It’s a unit built to face any cleaning challenge thrown its way, with ease!

The final delivery of one CityRay for 2022-Flinders Shire Council. This one has travelled right up to North Queensland.

After having a demonstration of our CityRay sweeper Flinders Shire Council were sold on the CityRay! Was it the excellent cleaning capability? Was it the extra safety features? Was it the easy operation? Was it the individuality of the unit? We believe it was all these plus many more reasons.

Once delivered by Wayne and Dylan the operator was trained on the CityRay following a Certificate IV training program. Due to the fact the CityRay is designed for ease of operation the operator, even though he hadn’t operated this type of road sweeper, was deemed competent in a short period of time however, MTE trainers/service personnel Wayne and Dylan stayed for the full allocated training period. MTE stay until our customers are feeling confident and happy. We never drop and run!

What an end to an amazing year! So many people have chosen and trusted MTE to build their next sweeper.

It has been a privilege to work with every new CityRay owner this year and we thank you for supporting our business.

Aussies supporting Aussies!

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