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CityRay Ticks all the Boxes

First CityRay delivered in 2023.

The first CityRay delivered in 2023 headed down South to Armidale Regional Council in NSW on the 16th of January. The unit was fitted with our range of standard extras plus, at no extra cost to the Council, a screen vibrator and pneumatic assist on the rear pit sucker.

Armidale Council also requested window tinting, hand wash with soap dispenser, guards on beacons and a weed spray unit.

Many of our customers including Armidale Council have been impressed with the demonstration and explanation provided on how the CityRay has such excellent suction capabilities with low noise and less dust emissions into the atmosphere. This is how it works!

The dust is sucked up into the hopper and minimal dust can escape through the roof into the atmosphere most of it comes down the right-hand side of the hopper and is distributed to the ground and brooms. A large quantity is redistributed into the suction path; therefore, this process assists reducing the dust emission into the atmosphere.

The CityRay has two independent high-pressure pumps. Fitted with a front high pressure spray bar, low pressure spray bar in front of centre broom with 5 jets situated between broom and skirt to make dust suppression more efficient. Also 9 water jets each side 4 in suction box, 2 on broom and 3 on spray bar in front of gutter broom.

All of these features cause less dust to be released into the atmosphere. All units are PM10 and PM2.5 certified.

A sweeper that is environmentally friendly without compromising on sweeping capability is a very desirable sweeper.

What else has impressed our customers?

The ease of operation! Whether you are new to operating a sweeper or an experienced operator, the CityRay is very easy to use due to an ergonomically placed central console plus mounted joystick control pads. Of course, we provide operator and mechanical training on delivery of all our CityRay sweeper to meet the customer’s needs.

Safety, need we say more regarding how important this is.

CityRay units have a number of safety features which are ALL standard including 3 emergency stops, rear door cannot be opened from within the cab, brooms will not operate if cab door or rear hopper door is open or if hopper is raised, alarm sounds if handbrake is not engaged and door opened, in cab warning if hopper raised, auto safety prop under hopper and manual rear door safety prop, 3-way camera system plus additional blind spot camera fitted to right hand mirror arm. All CityRay sweepers have a full Plant Assessor report completed before leaving the depot.

We are ecstatic to have another CityRay sweeper in the NSW region and we are positive this will not be the last!

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