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Delivery of CityRay 5 to Livingstone Shire Council

Sweeper at the beach!

Livingstone Shire Council received their brand new CityRay 5 mounted on a 14 tonne chassis, with factory fitted dual control Isuzu FSR, in August 2019.

The CityRay 5 has a number of standard features such as:

  • 7 work lights

  • Directional arrows on rear of hopper

  • Large 1300L water tank

  • 4 LED corner flashing lights when sweeping

  • 2 beacons on roof bar on cab

  • 2 beacons on rear of hopper

  • Gutter broom tilt LHS

  • High pressure spray bar with hand lance and 10m hose

  • Gas assisted rear mounted boom

  • 3.3m sweep width

Standard Safety Features:

  • Horn will sound to alert the driver if the cab door is open and the park brake is not engaged

  • If cab door opened/body raised brooms will not operate

  • Reverse squawker

  • 3 way camera system

  • 3 emergency stops (2 each side and 1 in cab)

  • Auto body prop

  • Manual rear door body prop

  • Safety walkway with ladder

  • Plant assessor risk assessment completed

This unit was specifically built to suit Livingstone Council's specifications and designed to meet the requests of the Australian market.

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