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It’s happened again! Another Beauty delivered to Toowoomba Regional Council

We were right! The first CityRay fitted to a Volvo FE dual control chassis, as previously delivered to City of Gold Coast, was the first of many!

We feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to build a machine that meets Australian conditions and Toowoomba Regional Council’s requests. This machine demonstrates the diversity of the Toowoomba region and the Council’s use of the machine, not only for cleaning but also for promoting the Toowoomba Region.

In August, Toowoomba Regional Council took delivery of their CityRay fitted to a Volvo FE250 dual control chassis. This machine had a number of requested options fitted such as:

· AI pedestrian recognition system

· Digital weigh system

· Auto greasing system

· Mural of Council’s chosen artwork

The CityRay is the first new road sweeper to be delivered to Toowoomba’s brand new 21st century depot based in Charlton. The operator commented on how pleased he is with the comfort of the cab, ease of operation and the excellent suction capability of the sweeper.

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